James Spies

Legal Consultant

James Spies practiced as an attorney for his own account for over twelve years, specializing in contracts, commercial law, intellectual property law and labour law.

During this time, he was contracted as legal consultant by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) to assist the latter’s in-house legal advisors with drawing, vetting and amending contracts, and providing legal opinions on issues affecting the CSIR’s various business units. James was also contracted by the Department of Science and Technology to re-establish its legal section.

Holding an Advanced Certificate in Labour Law (UP), he chaired numerous disciplinary hearings at clients’ request and also appeared in the CCMA on behalf of corporate clients.

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Estra Booyse

Compliance Risk Manager

Estra Booyse has 24 years experience in the financial services industry. For the past six years, she served as a compliance manager at Nedbank Ltd (Business Banking) and was responsible for compliance risk management in accordance with e.g. FAIS, FICA, NCA and other relevant legislation.

Her portfolio entailed project management, implementing regulatory projects, monitoring compliance issues, reporting to the Executive, and following up on executive management actions. As such, she became the subject matter expert on the National Credit Act, and developed expert knowledge of anti-money laundering legislation.

In addition to the aforesaid, she dealt with Business Governance issues and submitted monitoring reports to the Executive. She, furthermore, worked closely with the bank’s auditors to ensure satisfactory audit reports and she gained experience in engaging with regulators, i.e. the FSB and SARB. Estra is accredited by the Compliance Institute of South Africa (CISA).

Complimentary to her compliance function, Estra regularly chaired disciplinary hearings at Nedbank Ltd.

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Estra is working with me to integrate the Social and Environmental Management System across the Business Banking Cluster. Her support, focus, structured thinking, knowledge, experience, innovative nature and project management skills have been the driver of social and environmental risk through a very large and diverse business.
Vicky Beukes, Advocate
Estra's knowledge of her field and her commitment and dedication makes her a valuable asset to our Business Unit.
Susan de Beer, Division Head Business Banking at Nedbank